18k Gold Flashing

18k Gold Flashing

Our Gold Flashing is 18k Gold over brass. This is fine for most people but if you have sensitive ears we recommend going for Solid Gold, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Vermeil which are Hypoallergic.

Care Instructions  

✧ To avoid tarnishing and prolong the life of your jewellery we recommend keeping it in the box provided and to DO NOT expose to water, chlorine, nail polish removers, body lotions, soaps, perfume, and hairspray. When getting ready put jewellery on 5 minutes after using perfume & hairspray.

✧ To clean your jewellery, we recommend using a suede cloth. Please do not use water or any other cleaning agents as they can be abrasive and cause the removal of the plating from your jewellery.

✧ To Prolong Jewellery keep it in the Box Provided & do not wear overnight.

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