14k Gold Vermeil

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Gold Vermeil (pronounced “Ver-may”) is a plating of Gold over Sterling Silver. The thickness of the plate can range from 1.5 microns to 3 microns. As gold vermeil only comprises precious metal alloys it’s the best choice for quality gold jewellery which comes at a fraction of the price of pure gold.

At Witt & Pearl we use 14k Gold as this is harder and more scratch resistant than higher carats, but still has ample gold content (58.3%) to maintain its lustre & shine.

A 925 stamp on your gold vermeil guarantees that the underlying metal is sterling silver. This acts as a guarantee that the piece contains at least 925 parts of pure silver out of 1,000 parts of metal. Look for a tiny little stamp on your W&P pieces.

Sterling Silver and 14k Gold are kinder to your skin and much less likely to cause an allergic reaction, making the product hypoallergenic.

As Gold Vermeil mostly comprises sterling silver and gold, it can be repaired and recycled. This means that when properly cared for, gold vermeil jewellery will stand the test of time. And if after prolonged wear, the gold plating wears through, your jewellery can be easily re-plated.


Stay away from water
Swimming pools, the ocean, taking a bath, showering with your jewellery. Chemicals in particular, can strip the gold from your jewellery. 

If your jewellery gets wet with anything other than warm water please rinse off with warm water first before patting dry - and make sure jewellery is fully dry before storing.

Avoid wearing when exercising, sleeping or cleaning.
Perspiration contributes to tarnishing as does any chemicals from cleaning.

Do not spray perfume or moisturiser when wearing jewellery.
Make sure to put your jewellery on 5 minutes after this to stop the chemicals from coming into contact.

Store your jewellery in its box.


~ We recommend gently cleaning your gold vermeil jewellery on a regular basis with a soft cloth (such as a sunglasses cloth) to remove oils and dirt. This will help prevent tarnishing build up on your piece and will help preserve the plating.
~ If your gold is lightly tarnished, it can be brightened up with a polishing cloth. 
~ Don’t use chemical jewellery dips on gold vermeil as this can remove the gold.
~ If gold vermeil jewellery gets dirty, you can clean it gently with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Dont use any abrasive pads on it and make sure you pat it completely dry.

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