Our Story

Witt & Pearl specialises in Fresh Water & Akoya Pearls made with Precious Metals into Modern Designs for Everyday Wear.

Witt & Pearl family

Based in the beautiful Port Macquarie, Australia ~ or Guruk which is its traditional name ~ the family Jewellery Business is run by Emily (Designer) where she lives with her husband Matt & their newborn daughter Isla.

Witt & Pearl stems from Emily’s love of jewellery, a passion for pearls and a desire to create fun, timeless pieces for an eco-conscious customer. Taking inspiration from the coast and the natural beauty in Australia, the jewellery is designed for the fun-loving, to be worn on the beach, to compliment a favourite outfit or at a special occasion. Pearls are classic in nature, and Emily loves making these beautiful gemstones into modern day, high quality pieces which last a lifetime.

“Being eco-conscious is core to our ethos and how I believe any business, big or small, should be run. I am proud to say all of our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and eco- friendly. Read more here

We offer carbon-neutral shipping on 100% of our orders, and support some of the most promising climate projects on Earth.

Being fascinated by the Ocean and the beauty and power it holds and now being lucky enough to live so close to it I wanted my business to give something back. We donate 3% of profits to protecting life in our oceans through the Save Our Seas Foundation. Read more about the great work they do here

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive, and thoughtful company. We recognise and celebrate the rich diversity of our community including our LGBTIQA+ friends. Our jewellery is to be enjoyed by all with no boundaries.

We love hearing from you and seeing our designs being worn and enjoyed by you all. If you have any suggestions or would like to get in touch please reach out to us at


Witt and Pearl ~ Making beautiful Jewellery we love, to be loved by you ♡